Whether you are joining Parker Fitzgerald as a recent graduate or as an experienced professional, there is always scope for growth and development. From the very start we promote continuous learning and development to assist you in responding to the rapidly changing and complex market needs.
We distinguish ourselves from our competition through the specialist talents and skills of our consultants. We foster an innovative and collaborative approach to our work and provide you with the opportunity to work on client projects of all sizes, giving you the ability to interact with experienced team members. As a Parker Fitzgerald consultant, from day one you will be assigned a mentor who will help you identify your goals and establish a personalised learning and development plan to achieve them.
The dynamic and demanding nature of our business means we often draw on the specialist skills and advice from our global network of independent consultants. Our Associate consulting model is a critical feature of value proposition for clients and equally allows us to attract and engage many of the industry’s leading experts in the area of risk management, financial regulation and technology.
If you wish to join us as an Associate we will want to understand the reasons for this to ensure your values and drivers align to those of the firm. This will be followed by a rigorous assessment of your core competencies, aptitude, experience, communication and technical skills to ensure they meet with our required benchmarks and standards. Once successful you will work under the guidance of an Engagement Director or Partner, and be a seamless part of the on-site client project team. During your time with the firm we will provide your with open and honest feedback in relation to your performance of services, in addition to giving you access to training, seminars and alumni networking events.
There is no substitute for knowledge or experience. Practitioners will be experienced industry professionals with typically 10 to 15 years industry gained at will typically join the firm in the capacity of a Senior Manager or Director where your proven track record in the delivery of risk and regulatory change will serve you well as you begin managing multiple client relationships. You will take creative risks to deliver innovative solutions to your clients—contributing to Parker Fitzgerald’s intellectual capital and building relationships of trust.
Clients will start to seek your advice on business issues that extend beyond the immediate scope of your project work, and you will play a significant role in defining their strategic agenda. Within the firm, you will share key business insights to foster innovation, develop the company's capabilities, and manage a portfolio of client projects. As you progress throughout the company you will have a growing role in the management of the firm, and you will link our work across client projects to its broader business and strategic agenda.
We put experience and leadership above everything else. In doing so we acknowledge the need to increase the Partner community on an annual basis through the recruitment of senior executives from industry. Partners define the culture and identity of Parker Fitzgerald, as well as helping to manage the firm. They are our intellectual leaders, bringing innovative business and strategic thinking to the company and its clients.
As a partner, you will drive the firm’s business, developing existing client relationships and forging new ones—influencing clients’ agendas, and delivering original solutions that make a real difference. Your proven track record of leadership will inspire your teams, helping them to head in the right direction while you join with other leaders to serve global clients across continents. Clients and consultants alike will respect you not only for your sound business instinct and judgment, but also your ability to lead, persuade, and make change happen.
At Parker Fitzgerald, the highly complex and specialist nature of our business means we set the highest standards and employ only the most talented and resourceful individuals. A career with us is demanding and rewarding in equal measure. Joining Parker Fitzgerald,
you are not only working for one of the fastest-growing consultancies in Europe, you are also part of a dynamic team that is helping shape the strategies of many of the world’s largest financial institutions.