With emerging regulation setting new expectations of firms' capital, data and supervisory responsiveness, compliance and maintenance of shareholder value is impossible without the enhancement of existing, and implementation of new, risk technology platforms.
Our risk practitioners build data architectures and integrate applications, which either compliment or replace existing systems. The resulting capability enables the production of management information which satisfies both C-suite executives and regulators.
Financial services firms have traditionally focused on IT system architecture rather than the underlying data architecture. The latter is essential for producing trustworthy and trackable data which offers genuine insight that informs business decision-making.
Our team of experienced practitioners has successfully implemented data analytics and governance within the risk functions of large, complex institutions. We help our clients undertake the business analysis required to trace the lineage and provenance of every data field in critical risk reports, enhancing the information with data ergonomics and visualisation tools which make finding the devil in the detail much easier.
Years of cost reduction have resulted in a shortage of technical knowledge in many financial services organisations, while the number of systems and applications in use has spiralled out of control. End-to-end risk system architecture rationalisation is now an imperative. However, this is not a one-off exercise. With further regulation emerging and business models in a state of flux, systems and data architectures have to be more adaptable than ever before.
We work with internal teams and external technology partners to ensure business and IT stakeholders fully understand what is required to support robust, compliant and insightful systems and data architectures. Our risk practitioners enable the adaptation of architecture capabilities, amendment of model calculations, re-engineering of risk engines and addition of regulatory and MI metrics, implementing open source software and service-oriented architectures only where they will add value.
Modern financial services is becoming about trading simple financial products more rapidly, rather than developing increasingly complex and opaque derivative instruments. Therefore, as far as the front office is concerned, technology has become as important as product development. Accordingly, assurance of the work undertaken by the former must be taken as seriously as the latter, with a well planned and executed testing strategy at the heart of any system rollout.
Our team has successfully assured and remediated high volume environments at numerous financial institutions. We relay issues and data quality trends in our clients' underlying portfolio, creating and embedding policies and procedures which avoid the repetition of past issues and provide transparent progress reporting on your remediation projects, in real-time, to enhance internal and external stakeholder engagement and feedback.
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