Parker Fitzgerald's Advisory Services practice encompasses capital management and conduct, enterprise and quantitative risk management. This practice focuses on providing guidance and specialist expert insights to support clients in their decision-making processes.
We provide technical advice and assurance in relation to the measurement, modelling and validation of financial and non-financial risks and compliance with financial regulation.  This includes developing risk-pricing models, defining market, credit and counterparty risk analytics and setting parameters across all asset classes. We also develop risk frameworks, policies, governance structures and supporting management information systems which support the identification, management and mitigation of enterprise-wide risk. By providing practitioner-led advice, we guide our clients through the ever-evolving regulatory architecture to ensure compliance with prudential and conduct supervisory expectations.
The utilisation and deployment of capital within our client’s organisations has never been under more scrutiny. Our risk and treasury experts advise on the restructuring of balance sheets to enable growth, and the best possible return on equity, by optimising Risk Weighted Assets (RWAs), Fund Transfer Pricing (FTP) and Asset & Liability Management (ALM) processes.
We place an emphasis on adequate, risk adjusted determination of capital and recognise that this is more important than ever. Capital management and associated stress testing will continue to feature as a major component of the global regulatory architecture. A greater degree of responsiveness and insight is expected from supervisory authorities as the process matures. We help our clients prepare appropriate capital and collateral management processes and reporting architectures, which satisfy regulators, investors and senior management.
Optimised Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is now a priority for the whole business, not solely the risk function. We advise our clients on the design and implementation of ERM frameworks which guarantee the required standards of risk governance, control, culture and reporting throughout the organisation. Operational and conduct risks can no longer be seen in silos, independent from the rest of the business – appropriate ERM is the only way to bring these relatively new priorities together in one place.
Our risk experts keep pace with evolving risk management best practices across the three lines of defence to support business strategy, risk-adjusted decision making, emerging operational risks and ever-changing stress testing requirements. From our Risk Academy graduates to our most senior Risk Advisory Partner, our consultants are committed to the development of optimised risk frameworks and justified risk appetites because regulators, shareholders, customers and employees all need reassurance that their priorities are shared by the firms they oversee, invest in, bank with and work for.
With increasing regulatory focus (e.g. the FCA’s Individual Accountability Rules) and significant business impact (over £200bn in conduct-related costs since 2010), conduct risk has never been a higher priority.
We use behavioural economic analysis and techniques learnt in managing conduct risk in the military, together with traditional compliance expertise. Our team of former regulators and practitioners help to identify conduct risks; allocate responsibility for managing conduct; determine the support mechanisms necessary to improve the conduct of the business; pinpoint the information the board and executive committees need to gain oversight of their organisation's conduct and distinguish any perverse incentives or other activities that may undermine the strategies put in place to manage conduct risk.
We work with our clients to design and implement advanced risk measurement techniques, methodologies and strategies to determine capital, solvency and economic performance measures for their organisations.
Additionally, we conduct independent quantitative reviews for retail banks and buy or sell-side institutions looking to substantiate the inherent risk within mortgage portfolios, revolving credit pools, derivatives and asset backed securities to support acquisition strategies and their associated due diligence.We are experts at assessing model risks by judging suitability, accuracy and effectiveness through benchmarking, back-testing and analysing key model assumptions. We have extensive experience of developing numerous default models, pricing techniques and economic variants, using a range of quantitative methodologies. Our model assurance, audit co-sourcing and stress testing capability has been enhanced to match increased client demand as regulatory supervisors and non-executive directors demand greater expert review of their institutions' internal risk processes.
At Parker Fitzgerald, the highly complex and specialist nature of our business means we set the highest standards and employ only the most talented and resourceful individuals. A career with us is demanding and rewarding in equal measure. Joining Parker Fitzgerald,
you are not only working for one of the fastest-growing consultancies in Europe, you are also part of a dynamic team that is helping shape the strategies of many of the world’s largest financial institutions.