Working as an extension of our clients' team we help them move beyond strategy and recommendations — to achieve long-term improvement and measurable, bottom-line results. Our implementation specialists work side-by-side with our industry and functional experts adding a critical dimension to our traditional consulting work to help strengthen leadership, transform processes and optimise technology.
Our team includes over 150 change professionals who have between 10 and 30 years of experience in line management and/or implementation consulting. We work with clients to design programmes that fit their unique circumstances and configure programme teams to reflect the intensity and support according to each stage of the implementation life cycle. Our consultants devise creative, pragmatic and forward-thinking delivery strategies based on their experience leading large-scale business transformation and performance improvement projects across the front office, risk and finance functions.Additional services include change portfolio optimisation, project assurance and outsourcing.
We focus on the mobilisation and management of complex initiatives which are required as a result of new financial regulation and the need to enhance the risk function's capability. We combine critical thinking with world class delivery, leveraging our offerings in enterprise risk strategy, regulatory advice, risk technology and digital to increase our client's predictability of outcomes.
Our collective experience in delivering strategic transformation for the world's leading financial institutions, combined with our deep and specific expertise in risk and financial regulation, enables us to confidently navigate our clients through the evolving regulatory environment. Our programme managers increase certainty over programme cost and accelerate the process of change, as well as the speed to market of our client's new and innovative products.
Our robust quality assurance process ensures that programme delivery, cost and quality are focused on end objectives. It typically includes reviews of programme plans and deliverables; key milestones; reviewing, identifying and remediating vulnerabilities; and financial forecasting.
Our clients depend on us to review and assure all aspects of programme delivery. This includes budgeting and forecasting within business case tolerances, risk and issue governance and control frameworks, data and IT architecture, business processes and organisational responsiveness and resourcing.We understand that risk is viewed differently from bank to bank, with varying end-to-end risk processes and operating models. Therefore our assurance experts prioritise the identification of client risk owners for each of our assurance engagements.
As the financial services industry continues to evolve through one of the most disruptive periods in its history, we are leading the essential redesign and remodelling of business processes to help our clients adapt, reduce costs, increase efficiency and take full control of their organisations.
Our process improvement practitioners are experts in market-leading methodologies and the latest industry best practice, enabling them to help firms implement target operating models in the most efficient and cost effective manner, without any noticeable impact on business-as-usual processes.
As firms focus on core business priorities, senior management teams are welcoming opportunities to outsource. We help identify areas where risk management processes and functions can be near-shored, off-shored or moved to lower cost locations, reducing regulatory risk and conflicts of interest, as well as saving precious capital.
Since the Libor scandal, banks have looked to outsource the management of financial benchmarks and indexes, especially where there is a perceived conflict of interest between their administration and use in valuing assets. We help to navigate these complex compliance issues and data feed challenges, migrating the benchmarks to trustworthy third party administrators with the minimum of balance sheet or business process impact.We also have clients who have previously outsourced functionality and want to repatriate it to save money or enhance compliance. Whether a firm is moving a process in or out of its business, our consultants can help accelerate the process and identify likely risks before they materialise into issues.
At Parker Fitzgerald, the highly complex and specialist nature of our business means we set the highest standards and employ only the most talented and resourceful individuals. A career with us is demanding and rewarding in equal measure. Joining Parker Fitzgerald,
you are not only working for one of the fastest-growing consultancies in Europe, you are also part of a dynamic team that is helping shape the strategies of many of the world’s largest financial institutions.