One of our key strengths is our deep knowledge and understanding of the environment in which our clients operate. Our Strategy & Research practice analyses and provides opinion and insight on key issues, identifying future market issues and the direction of regulatory policymaking. This includes research and development, risk strategy, macro market research and regulatory affairs, as well as providing topical comment on developing issues.
We provide expert research, advice and diagnostic services to support the development of product, trading and risk management strategy. This includes providing expert opinion on major regulatory, economic and legislative issues critical to P&L and asset performance, product design, portfolio management and capital utilisation. Additional services include engagement planning, regulatory liaison and remediation of issues arising from supervisory investigations (Section 166) or planned enforcement action.
Our regulatory experts are drawn from the most influential supervisory bodies on both sides of the Atlantic. Their insightful research into emerging and existing regulation enables our clients to identify areas of policy overlap and allocate resource accordingly, without duplicating efforts.
The years since the Global Financial Crisis have been characterised by a period of unprecedented regulatory policymaking and economic change. Our Strategy & Research practitioners can explain where international and domestic regulations duplicate or contradict one another. We have maintained excellent working relationships with both regulatory authorities and industry bodies across the world, to ensure we are at the forefront of global regulatory harmonisation.
With risk models subject to more regulatory scrutiny than ever before, our risk advisory professionals are well-placed to assist clients in the use of new economic indicators and the development and preparation of waiver applications for the use of internal risk rating models.
We conduct independent quantitative reviews for buy and sell-side institutions, as well as retail banks, building societies and the supervisory authorities themselves. Our world-renowned risk and economic experts understand how economic changes affect risk modelling better than anybody else. In conjunction with our strategic programme delivery capabilities, we deliver solutions of appreciable value when and where our clients require them.
Our research team compiles benchmarking reports and insight pieces which our clients use to make critical business decisions. Often these reports are presented at our own industry networking events, where we disseminate and discuss the research findings with the financial services sector's most senior protagonists.
Whether it is the advent of new challenges like digital risk, or a longer standing issue, we analyse the information our clients need to be aware of and ensure they are kept well informed.We hold quarterly events, with issue-specific workshops held more regularly and as demanded by our clients. We also actively participate in third party events, where our strategy and research experts, as well as some of our other practice leads, are happy to speak on numerous issues facing the industry today.
We use our membership of some of the world's most influential industry bodies to represent our clients' perspectives at policy discussions in London, Brussels and Washington DC.
We joined the International Institute of Finance in September 2015. The IIF is the leading voice for the financial services industry on global regulatory issues. Through this organisation we engage constructively with global standard setters and policymakers by making formal submissions as well as through regular dialogue and symposia.
At Parker Fitzgerald, the highly complex and specialist nature of our business means we set the highest standards and employ only the most talented and resourceful individuals. A career with us is demanding and rewarding in equal measure. Joining Parker Fitzgerald,
you are not only working for one of the fastest-growing consultancies in Europe, you are also part of a dynamic team that is helping shape the strategies of many of the world’s largest financial institutions.