Parker Fitzgerald is a global leader in risk management solutions for the banking and capital markets industry. Established in direct response to the Global Financial Crisis, our purpose is to improve the resilience and risk-adjusted performance of our clients by challenging established thinking and delivering world class solutions that address tomorrow's challenges today.
We are a practitioner led organisation comprising of former industry leaders, recognised technical experts and senior change practitioners who advise the world's largest and most complex financial institutions on their most critical issues that ultimately determine enterprise and shareholder value. We are a trusted adviser to international regulators, governments and key industry bodies in all areas of risk management, capital and liquidity management, market conduct and the impacts of financial technology (FinTech) within the sector.
Parker Fitzgerald was founded in 2009 by Scott Vincent in direct response to the Global Financial Crisis. He recognised that the financial services sector had fundamentally changed and a new approach to consultancy was required. Since then the firm has grown rapidly establishing itself a global leader in risk management solutions for the banking and capital markets industry serving clients in over 16 countries with combined assets of more than $21 trillion dollars.
In just a few years, the firm has developed into a leading specialist consultancy, with an international network of practitioners, serving blue-chip clients around the world. Our focus on risk management, coupled with the quality of our people and our ability to efficiently deliver sets us apart from our competitors.
Our vision is clear - to become the most trusted risk management consulting firm within the banking and capital markets industry globally. We will achieve this by working in true partnership with our clients to deliver the necessary capabilities to enable the dynamic management of all major risk types that dramatically improves their resilience, risk-adjusted performance and ultimately shareholder value.
We want to be synonymous with trust, value and market-leading risk management through working with the world's most dynamic companies.  We want to create a legacy by delivering added value to our clients and contributing to a strong, efficient and dynamic financial services sector.
We recognise the importance of trust and how its loss can undermine integrity and endanger shareholder value.  This underpins the way we work with each other, the way we serve the financial services industry and how we align the needs and aspirations of our clients with our own.
We have an unwavering commitment to honesty and trust. Our reputation is based upon the advice and delivery we provide our clients.  These relationships are founded on mutual respect and the highest levels of integrity, transparency and cooperation. Ultimately, we want to help serve businesses and communities by creating a more resilient and sustainable economy supported, by a strong and progressive financial services sector.
At Parker Fitzgerald, the highly complex and specialist nature of our business means we set the highest standards and employ only the most talented and resourceful individuals. A career with us is demanding and rewarding in equal measure. Joining Parker Fitzgerald,
you are not only working for one of the fastest-growing consultancies in Europe, you are also part of a dynamic team that is helping shape the strategies of many of the world’s largest financial institutions.