The risk profile of financial institutions is changing rapidly due to the convergence of technological, political, economic and regulatory headwinds. This requires a new approach to managing enterprise risk, which can no longer be viewed or mitigated in isolation.
Our work ensures our client's risk functions can confidently support their wider organisations through the adoption of market leading capabilities and operating strategies. As sector experts we have an unparalleled understanding of evolving market trends, key economic influences and the direction of regulatory policy across all aspects of financial services. Fostering a trusted relationship with industry regulators has stemmed from our delivery of stress testing architectures and appraisal of their supervisory and authorisation functions. As practitioners seconded to deliver detailed market reviews, we combine our operational expertise with strategic regulatory insight to advise and optimise on all areas of enterprise risk management.
Retail banking continues to face regulatory uncertainty and economic instability in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis and rapid technological change. Increasingly, lenders must transform critical elements of their businesses to drive growth whilst observing sterner consumer-focused compliance.
We provide compliance, risk management, capital adequacy, risk assessment, liquidity planning, governance, issue remediation and regulatory change delivery services to the world's best known banks. We have conducted supervisory reviews and delivered successful analytics programmes for retail banks and building societies, where deficiencies have been identified in capital and liquidity management, underwriting, portfolio valuation, provisioning and regulatory reporting.
Corporate and investment banking is in a sustained period of uncertainty and transition, with banks still searching for durable business models in the context of intense regulatory pressure and capital challenges.
We design and implement new strategic risk management capabilities to support the measurement and management of complex financial and non-financial risks within wholesale markets. We deliver enterprise-wide change arising from new financial regulation and have extensive experience in the management of major remediation following regulatory investigations and enforcement action.
The rise of emerging markets, re-balancing of wealth within global economies and the prominence of international clients has necessitated a different approach to the management of risk for the entire wealth management sector.
We work with private banks, asset managers and major asset owners to define risk management strategies, risk management systems, governance frameworks, conduct processes and customer-focused practices to ensure the proactive management of risk within their operations.
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