03-05-2019 | Global Services
Data Scientists

We help organisations use data and advanced analytics as the engine for growth and competitive advantage. By applying tailored data science techniques in combination with leading analytics vendor solutions, we solve our clients’ most complex business use-cases. Our insights span all aspects of the end-to-end process, from applying advanced analytics to complex business problems to data acquisition and shaping and bespoke data science techniques developed in R and Python and predictive insights. We identify, define and prioritise the most compelling applications for the most impactful analytical approaches; providing transparency and effective governance, leveraging our strategic partnerships with world-leading analytics providers, to solve topical problems including as advanced credit decisioning, intelligent model validation and specialised AML fraud detection

Role Description

Working in our Advanced Analytics team you will analyse real-world problems and devise solutions using modern advanced analytic techniques. You will work through the challenges and implications of these solutions and, where appropriate, will then deliver and operationalise the solution. At every stage of the end-to-end in this process, your impact will be felt.

That means that you will deliver consulting engagements each of which will be different, requiring original thought as well as learning about and applying new technologies and approaches. Your brief will extend to internal R&D and product development, including building tools and hosted services as well as PoC and exploratory work and contributing to winning work, including developing technical content for project proposals and attending client meetings as a subject-matter expert.

You will need to make our insightful work understood, so your ability to use visualisation tools, combined with your soft skills, including written and verbal communication is a major element of the role. Our consultants are comfortable articulating their work and offering insight and challenge to often senior groups.

Role requirements

  • Excellent problem solving and communication skills. Knowledge of the financial services industry is not required as this will be taught.
  • A solid foundation in data modelling and the use of standard data technologies. Ability to translate a problem into a data model suitable for analytic processing.
  • Detailed understanding of the standard families of machine learning algorithms, how to apply them in practice and the capabilities and limitations of each model family.
  • Familiarity with both Python and R, fluent in at least one of the two (we use both languages depending on the use cases and our clients’ preferences). Experience working with standard sets of data science libraries.
  • Ability to design and build software programs in a structured manner, appreciating the need for clarity, modularity, robustness and efficiency. Designing software that is easy to use.
  • Degree in a STEM subject is preferred.


Our recruitment and selection process is just as much an opportunity for you to find out about us as it is for us to assess you. There are a number of stages, each of which will give you the chance to learn more about us. The scope of opportunities at Parker Fitzgerald means there are a number of different methods we use to make sure the process is fair and thorough. Your recruitment contact at Parker Fitzgerald will describe the exact process for the role you have applied for.


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