Our world-class change experts deliver our clients’ most complex regulatory and strategic global change programmes. We help clients transform ways of working and operating models, so they can adopt the new technologies essential to improving organisational efficiency and seizing business opportunity.

Armed with real depth of insight and the experience to employ the right methodologies from Waterfall to Agile, our teams combine all aspects of change and delivery with the required capital markets and regulatory domain expertise.

We equip our clients to do the same, through support and training and provide independent change assurance services that combine deep business domain expertise with black-box testing techniques to validate and assure across the most complex change programmes.

Operating Model Design

We put your intent at the core of our operating model design approach, asking ‘what is the business trying to achieve, and what are the risks to achieving it?” Our diagnostic models guarantee that we can target the areas of greatest value. Our designs are shaped by real knowledge and insight from diagnostic models to regulatory compliance frameworks.

Agile Transformation

We work with clients to define and coach the adoption of Agile working practices, particularly in the challenging and complex risk and finance divisions. Our deep expertise in regulatory, prudential and discretionary, risk and finance related change, coupled with qualified Agile coaches enables us to develop the agile lab blueprints which define the change operating model of the future.