At Parker Fitzgerald, we help our clients innovate with new technologies so that they can transform their businesses. Our market-leading expertise in data science, AI, strategic architecture and reg tech gives us unique insights to reshape infrastructure and operations to unleash digital business models.

Our clients gain a competitive advantage from innovations in customer engagement, smart process automation and real-time data-driven insights. The insight we apply, informed by regulatory relationships that give us a unique perspective of the global regulatory agenda means that the design of our digital solutions work in the real world.

Our fresh perspective on Digital businesses avoids the temptation to ‘automate as-is’. Instead, we use cutting-edge approaches to, work with businesses to decide what is fundamental to the new digital business and designing from a position unencumbered by today’s constraints.

Strategic Architecture

Our architecture experts create high performing, flexible and low-cost IT environments. We work with clients to meet the challenges created by ever-growing demand for greater numbers of risk measures and the regulations that often drive them

We advise clients on cloud and other leading architectural concepts and create pragmatic approaches for their adoption.

Data Science and AI

Data is at the heart of all technology solutions and diverse in its meaning and application. Our data architecture, scientists and remediation services help clients organise and manage data so that it transforms businesses with the insights arising from predictive data-driven models, optimisation of operations and rises to the biggest regulatory challenges.